We both started our adult journeys in the military. Heather was in the Army and I was in the Coast Guard. From there, we were brought together by a chain of unordinary events, and the rest was history. We got engaged at Signal Mountain in Wyoming (and later were married there), and knew that we needed to make it a point to settle near the Tetons. We purchased land on the West side of the Tetons where our ranch sits underneath the shadows of the vast mountain range. I wanted to start a small yak ranch somewhere, with the cost of living here in Teton County being so high, we knew that selling yak products at a reasonable and sensible price would greatly help out our community buy local and eat local healthy foods.


4PeakYaks raises 100% hormone, corn, and feedlot free yak products. We purchase hay from a local farmer in the valley to sustain our yaks in the winters keeping our herd 100% naturally and locally fed. During the spring and summer, our herd grazes on all native grasses and even weeds, and are never given substitute corn feed to grow them at an unnatural rate before being processed. Yaks are slow growers. Most are processed around the age of 5, which makes the cost of meat a little higher than beef, but completely worth the wait in flavor, quality and health. Our yaks have great fiber production due the long and harsh mountain winters here. They also do well because of the elevation, they normally thrive around 12K feet, so the higher they are and the more natural their environment is to Tibet, the healthier and happier the yak herd is. Here at 4PeakYaks our mission is to provide our local community with healthy and happy, small farm raised yaks.